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About Tao Nan School

The Hokkien Huay Kuan started Tao Nan School on 8 November 1906. Classes were first held at the Siam House on North Bridge Road. It relocated to premises on Armenian Street in 1912, and changed its medium of education from Hokkien to Mandarin. The Old Tao Nan School building was gazetted as a national monument on 27 February 1998.

One of Tao Nan’s early teachers was the philanthropist Lee Kong Chian 1894 – 1967. Pioneer artist Pan Shou was the headmaster from 1932 to 1940.

In 1982, Tao Nan School moved to a new campus in Marine Parade, where it still remains to this today. It was named an SAP school in 1990 and a Gifted Education Programme Centre in 1996. With 105 years of history it is one of Singapore’s oldest primary schools.

About Tao Nan Alumni Association

The Tao Nan Alumni Association was founded in 1991, and currently has 567 permanent members (as of 1 Mar 2012).

Our mission is to:

  1. Promote friendship, unity and cooperation amongst all alumni, be they members or not;
  2. Strengthen our kinship with our alma mater, Tao Nan School; help the school to maintain its high standards and reputation in educating our future generations; and to foster close working relationships with the school’s partners, including Hokkien Huay Kuan, Parents Support Group and community organizations;
  3. Develop activities in support of the welfare and harmony of the civic society.

The Association welcomes all ex-students to join as permanent members (for those aged 21 and above) or junior members (who do not pay membership dues), and to participate in events and activities related to Tao Nan, e.g. various celebrations involving the school, current students, Hokkien Huay Kuan, etc.

校友会成立于1991年8月29日,现有会员567名 (止于2012年3月1日)。我们的使命

  1. 促进校友间之友谊、团结与合作。
  2. 加强校友与母校的联系,协助母校发展校务,并与母校的合作伙伴(包括福建会馆、家长联谊会和社区组织)建立紧密的合作关系。
  3. 开展及促进有益于社会福利及族群和谐的活动。



我们的愿景: 心系道南,继往开来

我会是为校友们而设,一切运作都是由各旧校友鼎力相助下,默默耕耘,方能有今日。为了能更全面的融入所有曾在道南学校念书或肄业的同学们,我们邀请大家踊 跃报名入会,帮校友们维持联系及协助母校继续发扬光大 。旧校友可以注册为永久会员(须在21岁以上)或准会员(无须付会员费)。